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Our approach to a brief is simple: we commit.

Our service is proactive. We will drive a project forward on behalf of a client. We are fast and consistently provide a responsive service. We believe design and design solutions provide commercial value, whether it’s redesigning a user interface to encourage customers to a specific sale point, or conceptualising a campaign to raise funds or to change policy.


We are a multi-disciplined agency who provide a complete creative service. Every concept we produce aims to answer the brief and go that extra mile. We are passionate about our work. We only work for people we like working for and we only produce work we are proud of.


Every piece of work produced at Navig8 is subject to our own in-house quality control. Artwork that is prepared for print, websites that are built – every output is of the highest standard. We have an extremely diligent proof reader so, regardless of the project, we factor in a proofing stage. In the case of web-design, we ensure that usability, technology requirements, platform testing and speed of use are thoroughly tested and the lowest common denominator is met.

As part of Navig8's quality services, we have a few policies in place to ensure our customers receive consistently great service.

  • Environment Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • ISO Qualificiation


We have a reputation for a speedy turnaround without compromising on quality or creativity. We are a small design group that is extremely flexible. We outsource specialised work to a small team of experts that we have worked with for years. Navig8 operates as a kind of "hub" to a loyal team of specialists.

When a brief, telephone call or request comes in from a client, that request is actioned that day even if the work is not required until later. We do not miss deadlines.


We are not cheap, but we do offer excellent value. We do an enormous amount of work in the voluntary sector and are therefore very experienced in making budgets stretch. If money can be saved, we ensure that those savings are passed directly to the client. Our mark up print and outsourced work is 15%.

If, at anytime during a project, we feel that the original estimate or budget will be exceeded, we will, in the first instance do what we can to avoid it and in the second instance, we will inform the client before undertaking any further work. There will be no nasty surprises.


"Understand" should also read "commitment". Our clients stay with us because we do not undertake a project and then leave them to it. We provide an excellent aftercare service and once we have committed the time and energy to understanding a client’s needs we aim to service them at every opportunity. We will make suggestions if they are appropriate and aim to develop a close and long term relationship with all of our clients.