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Navig8 remained a step ahead of the game at all times. Apart from their efficiency, they delivered very well thought out and refreshing ideas. The team were dedicated throughout the project and were great fun with it. We hope to have them on board again.

Ros Highstead, website coordinator

Smith and Beech

Working with Navig8 is very reassuring. You know you’re going to get great design at a competitive price but what's more, you can relax – Navig8 looks after all aspects of the job so that you get a result you can be proud of.

Jeremy Smith, Director


I have a recommendation for you based on my experience. Just very quickly we are a new business agency, we help agencies find more clients and I am aware of what your company, so perhaps I can be more help them most – i.e. I have experience with working with companies like Unique Digital, Cheeze and Harvest Digital our current client. So actually we do represent some clients that may be able to help you but I really think a stronger recommendation is an agency that does all our work called Navig8. They have done our site, our identity, advertising, helped with our Google ads (but I guess you can do that) copy and design of our DM pieces (I'll happily send you one) and our latest ads in Marketing Week and Marketing, see Marketing Week (Jan 19th issue) page 10 it also ran last week in Marketing. Even had two design agencies call me up and say the ad was inspired - surely that can't happen often. All the work has been so well received I can't begin to tell you. Recruitment ads not only bought me great CV's but new clients too. The DM piece has a response rate which is so high it has led me to recruit more staff. The website is so refreshing in a competitive market full of waffle, I have design agencies phone up praising us on its simplicity and usability and great copy - agencies like Conrad Design. Hopefully, this answers most of your questions, but just to add why are they so good - they get the job done better than you expected, I have always had an idea in my head of what I expected and it comes back oh so much better and I am a fussy bugger, and as I mentioned earlier, I represent design agencies for a living. The most noteworthy thing is that they are proud of their work, nothing is ever shoddy or too much trouble to make it look and feel right. Give them a call I expect they will work their magic for you too.

Jim Powell, Director

Enabling Concepts

I don’t know any other business that provides the level of care, attention to detail or beautiful work that Navig8 achieves. Navig8 has conceived and delivered all our design needs for the last 7 years from Corporate Identity and its application to web design and build.

Jeremy Pellow, Director


In recognition of our work in creating learning partnerships between the construction sector and education, The Department of Trade & Industry commissioned a set of learning materials based on our work with schools and the built environment. The construction industry is in a period of dynamic change embracing new technologies and addressing the demands of the sustainable agenda; so the content of the pack and its look and feel needed to reflect the "e;green and intelligent"e; theme of the project. Navig8 took real ownership of the education pack; their approach was to understand the goals of the programme and then to invest this understanding in producing a unique format and design for this education resource. Navig8’s knowledge of the education market was invaluable in delivering a product that captures the imagination of both teachers and young people.

Jeremy Pellow, Director

World Wide Pictures

Navig8: The patience of saints, the cool of cucumbers, cracking humour and fantastic design. Their meticulous approach to our project meant everyone was delighted with the results.

Hannah Mably, Executive Producer