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Exhibition and display

We design exhibitions utilising space and light to create a presence that communicates your message in a powerful way. Stand out and promote yourself to the public

The key to effective exhibition design is to create the delivery of your information in three stages. Firstly, to attract a viewer to your stand, there has to an overarching, powerful statement that is emotive enough to draw your audience in. There also needs to be a middle stage in the delivery of your offer, just enough of a statement to raise curiosity and clearly explain your offer. The last stage, when the customer arrives at the stand is just a little more than a taster and a call to action.

This is no mean feat, particularly when there is limited space and a crowded market. The first trick, so often overlooked is to design important messages at eye height and design your stand and display at the size it will be seen at.

Navig8 provides a design and supply of single panel displays, pop up stands, shell schemes and custom, interactive build and installation. Output of graphics can be on any substrate, at any imaginable size.