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HTML emails

Email marketing is an extremely cost effective way of promoting new products and services as well as keeping in touch with your customer base. Particularly, in the case of "e;opt-in"e; lists, you can reach your market with content specified by them, giving you the opportunity to deliver messages that have value and don't just block up your inbox.

The simplest form of HTML email is a structured template that we will design and build. We take into consideration a broad range of email programmes to ensure consistency of delivery and allow for worse case scenarios with clean and clear, text only versions.

We will advise you on repurposing the content to ensure that just enough information is being presented each email you create yourself thereafter.


Navig8 ensure that e-marketing is a key part of your marketing and communications plan. We show you how building your database and sending regular communications to different customer groups can have financial rewards.

We guarantee to increase your response rates and decrease your unsubscribe rates by targeting the right offer to the right customer at the right time.