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Public Sector

British Council

The annual report arrived today. It looked, smelt and read delicious. Modern, fun, integrity, beautifully produced. I know what a bugger these things are to create and this has to be one of the best in the last decade.

Christopher Wade, Director British Council Australia

Unison Open College

Many thanks for the swift and professional response to my request to re-design our guide and website this year. As ever you have turned what was potentially a major headache into a smooth running, efficient process with the minimum of fuss – as ever a service I can depend upon.

Dori Francis, Head of UNISON Open College

University College London

When it was announced that Chris Mason had won the Medical Innovations Awards for his Automated Tissue Engineering invention we knew that we needed to maximise the amount of publicity and exposure we would be able to gain from such an event. Up until this point we hadn’t really considered how we were going to name and brand Chris’s machine. Navig8 were amazing. We went in to see them with literally just the machine and the remit that we wanted to get as much out of this event as possible and they had just a week to do it and not a great deal of money to spend. The ideas they came up with were incredible. Especially given the fact that they had no background in the area of Tissue Engineering. They understood the concept of what we were trying to do and why. The resulting brand identity that they came up with was fantastic.

Louise Sarup, Marketing

British Council

From the initial tender to the completed product Navig8 never ceased to impress us with their commitment, energy and willingness to go the extra mile. They immediately and thoroughly grasped a complex brief and continually added value throughout the design process. The same team worked closely with us from tender to delivery and we were delighted with the final project. Working with Navig8 was a pleasure and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Clare Sears

Royal College of Nursing

Well, what can I say, student recruitment increased by 23% the year we worked with Navig8.

Andrew Pryde, Senior Marketing Executive

DFID Global School Partnerships

We wanted an identity and mark that would express what we are without cliché. 
The Navig8 portfolio demonstrated an agency that listens and captures the essence of an organization. Just what we wanted! Navig8 got to the heart of what DFID Global School Partnerships is about - the ‘Big Bang’ exploded into being and Navig8 just keep on delivering…

Andrea Mason