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Proper use of keywords in the page content has probably the greatest impact on search engine rankings and can also enhance the usability of the site. We can advise and if required, write copy, to ensure that the real issues are returned in search results.


Linking information within the site will maximise the use of keywords and add to the usability of the site. We will ensure the CMS and and the overall page structure will accommodate the necessary elements.

The use of keywords in page content and site architecture ( page titles, folders, files, and links) will be put in place from the outset and built upon using the CMS.

Other key areas we will address as a matter of course are:

  • Code validation – our sites are developed in accordance with W3C specifications
  • Metadata – utilise meta tags in accordance with the Dublin Core metadata element set and W3C specifications
  • Text styles – define the text hierarchy using standard HTML tags
  • ALT – optimise images with text descriptions
  • Search engine registration – registering the website with all major search engines will ensure your site will be in their listings.