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Social Network Marketing

Do you know your Facebook from your Twitter, your Flickr from YouTube, your technorati from your

Social Media Marketing is the new kid on the block and is here to stay. It's changing the way products are marketed by shifting control from brands to customers. With more and more blogs, online groups and forums, customers are empowered to share their experiences - good or bad. Sound familiar?

Navig8 can help you get ahead of the game and use the power of word of mouth marketing. We engage with enthusiasts, set up groups and seed messages. Do you have your own Facebook or Twitter group? What's being said and read about you in cyberspace?

If you're not convinced, consider this... more then 98% of college students have a Facebook account. How will you communicate with your future customers?

E-marketing helps you recognise your customers as individuals and re-inforce your relationship with them. It certainly gets our thumbs up as it's instant, reliable, measurable, easy to personalise and cost effective.